Bad Boys For Life [Movie Review]

The Plot

The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.


The Good

  1. Great Story
  2. Classic cinematography
  3. funny from start to finish
  4. Mentions of passed films
  5. Amazing Cast synergy


The Bad

  1. Time line not there
  2. More about the past


Final Verdict

Bad Boys For Life what a great way for a comeback for our two favorite Miami cops with a great story too tell with it. Plus the fact that we see and listen some mentions of past characters from the other Bad Boys movies. A film that went to the max on what they wanted to show that the boys are back.

Having a great story where we learn that Mike has a darker past that we didn’t know about. Where he was an undercover cop when he was in the police academy. Even thou this new story doesn’t add up to the original time line of the other Bad Boys movies it didn’t stop to make this film be an amazing add to the franchise.

where we see many mentions and see old characters from past films. Not only that this film gets you too laugh and to cry and the same time. When you see this film you are stuck in your seat from start to finish there is action and laughs all the way threw. Even with the new members of Mike and Marcus called Ammo that is lead by Mike’s old flame.

This film has a great nod to many Micheal Bay’s action scenes and camera shots. These new directors new with what franchise they were working with. They took the classic with the new specially with some added line that Will Smith did in the film. Not only that with the Amazing actress Kate del Castillo that did an amazing job with her character.

One thing that i really was amazed was that they added cast member for this film they are an amazing addition to the film. I say this because if they want to take AMMO to make a spin-off series or film they can make it happen and add more to the Bad Boys films. Great casting in the newly added characters and these Actors made a great job bringing these new characters alive.

Even thou the timeline doesn’t add up with the film. That doesn’t take away how fun the film is and what an amazing drive the film brings. If you are a new or old Bad Boys fan you will love this film is one amazing Ride to get in. I hope that they keep making more films and that they keep this franchise alive plus when it comes to an end that they can ended well.


Final Score

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