Angel Has Fallen [Late Movie Review]

The Plot

Mike Banning is framed for the attempted assassination of the President and must evade his own agency and the FBI as he tries to uncover the real threat.


The Good

  1. Action packed
  2. keeps you in your seat
  3. Great cast


The Bad

  1. CGI was not great
  2. Story was Bland
  3. More into the past on some characters
  4. Predictable Film


Final Verdict

Angel Has Fallen another add to the Fallen series were we see Mark Banning to save the President once more. But this time things are different he is being set-up that he killed the President of the United States by someone in the government.

This film is really a fun too watch film if you are into all about politics and how the government works in terms of war. The sad part of the film is that you can smell what’s gonna happen a mile away from the start you will be entertained and have fun yet you will see things coming while watching the film.

One Thing that i really liked is that in the Film they Added Mark Banning’s Father in the Plot and that was a nice addition to the film the only thing is that i would have love too see a more in detail scene where they bond even thou of the situation that he was in. It would have added more feel in one of the scenes that happen in the film.

Angel Has Fallen has an amazing cast with Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman but still they give an amazing performance in the film on there respective roles and other cast members as well. But the little fact that in the film you could see what is going to come it takes the magic away on what the film should have been.

Another thing that i notice in the Angel Has Fallen is that the CGI in the film is kinda off for a Big Budget film like that. There were scene that you could really tell what is really digitally made and what is not, you can tell that id was added and that there was no effort in making those additions to the film.

Last but not least i have to say the film is a fun ride and a great end to the franchise. Hope that they just leave it on this one because what else can you add to this character? specially that Mark Banning is one step close too being Super Man. Still will say that id you like Political Espionage and Mayor Gun Fights this is the film for you.



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