The Art of Racing in the Rain [Movie Review]

The Plot

Through his bond with his owner, aspiring Formula One race car driver Denny, golden retriever Enzo learns that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate the journey of life.


The Good

  1. Amazing Cinematography
  2. Amazing Casting
  3. Great Message In The Plot
  4. Great Cinema
  5. Amazing Narration by Kevin Costner


The Bad

  1. Simple Story-line


Final Verdict

The Art Of Racing In The Rain is an amazing film but with a basic story-line even with that this film touches one’s heart with the narration behind the eye’s of a Golden Retriever that it was voice by Kevin Costner. This film is what i call cinema what an amazing touch on how it was directed. It keeps you on your seat from start to finish plus you will have too need a tissue paper for all the potential crying you will have.

Even thou the story is a basic story of a bond of owner with pet and how sometimes families fight to keep moving forward this film is much more than that. Why? because this film is like seeing yourself fighting for what you want and keeping your head up and not giving up. Specially with your dreams this film show how Enzo (Kevin Costner) and Denny (Milo Ventimiglia) create a bond and make a great family and move forward in the good and bad.

The Art Of Racing in the rain has an amazing cast where from Milo Ventimiglia and Kevin Costner narrating the story was amazing it’s been a long time since a film has this touch. But we can’t forget Amanda Seyfried that she did an amazing job in this film and the rest of the cast too. Even the Golden retriever that made Enzo. This film with it’s cast made a film that it should had have more success because they bring this story alive.

This film from having so many things that are amazing something that caught my eye is how it’s cinematography was so gentle and subtle for having so much racing in the film. The editing and everything is so smooth and rich. What can i say this film should catch more the attention in peoples eyes.

This film is what makes a difference in cinema even thou all the film is Narrated in the eye’s of a dog it doesn’t matter because is a perceptive that we can’t see. I say that this film should have gotten more attention. Seeing life in another way is what this film shows us. Seeing how people react and how families are built plus showing us that life is short and that we should fight for our dreams.

This is the type of film that we are missing in the industry even thou there are a lot of other films that have the same potential and may have a better story line. Still The Art Of Racing In The Rain is a cinema that is a must watch. Having such an amazing cast and a great director i say that this film should have deserved more.


final score

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