YOU Season 2 [Review]

The Plot

A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.

The Good
  1. Great Story Continuum
  2. Amazing Plot Twist
  3. Great Character Development
  4.  Amazing Storytelling
  5. Great Cinematography
The Bad
  1. There were some bland Episodes
  2. Too Much Repetition in some topics
  3. Poor Use of some characters in the story
Final Verdict

You season two what a great way too continue Joe’s story. Now our setting has changed Joe wants to leave his past behind and see if he can just start over, well that is what the couple of first episodes want you to see. This new season they try and keep you tangled on what happen in the past season with Beck and Candece.

In the first few episode i got to see a little more on Joe’s past that is was something that we didn’t get to see in the first season. Well in the first one we did get to see somewhat of a past with the bookstore owner on how he treated him and showed him in his way to be a good kid. But in this season we get to see his actual past on how he was treated with his mother and father we see how his mothers actions affected his way of thinking and how he saw the world.

This season has a lot of twist and turns in a good way we see how he wanted to change but got back to the same person he was from season two. Even thou in certain parts of the season you could see that he really changed and he made some what good decision that you as a viewer would see him as the good guy.

The character development of this season is amazing we see the back story of most of them and if you don’t get to see like flash backs of some of them you can see them talking about what happen to them to understand why they are who they are. But i still say that there could have been a better use of some character in this type of story line.

There are certain character that are shown in this season that where use very blandly in the way that they put them in the story. Some of these characters could have been used in more fun ways to put pressure to the viewer in catching Joe or finding out that Beck’s book is just a full lie. These characters like Ellie & Delilah for me they could have used them much more in the story to put in the pressure on us the viewers.

In all this season was a little different that the first one. This one you see a more detail in Joe’s life and the way that he would have love to Change his life. Thou the fact on adding much more with the character Love in the story and candance it give you a little twist in the story and it keeps you thinking in what will happen next.

Final Score

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