The First Purge Movie Review

The Plot

After the rise of a third political party, the New Founding Fathers of America, an experiment is conducted, no laws for 12 hours on Staten Island. No one must stay during the experiment yet there is $5,000 for anyone who does.


The Good

  • Great Horror & Suspense
  • Great Plot
  • Awesome Effects and Camera Shots
  • Sticks with Past Films
  • Awesome Casting


The Bad

  • There are some too dark camera shots
  • Many Scene were very strong


Final Verdict

The First Purge is a very interesting topic and movie plus there franchise has been trying to send a message on something that might happen but hey it’s a film so we can’ t expect that much but keep that in mind.

This film is a Hell of a Ride. Where in this one they went very very far in the violence and how graphic they went with this prequel. where they took all what most of us fear with racism and how the government treats the low income neighborhoods. They show everything and keep everything Raw and kinds Uncut.

This film is very strong and graphic they wen very far in the message they wanted to share. In all the film is very good it has you sitting down in tension on how much is going on in the film. where you start to see that some people are against the purge and how the government wants to control the situation and make things happen no matter what.

There is a lot of violence in the film plus the Horror and suspense in the mix too like there is a little of everything in this film. But was it necessary to make it so graphic like they did this prequel? I don’t know but some scene’s are very strong.

But in all The First Purge sent a message and the casting was really interesting some actors that give a great performance and make this film amazing. One other thing i love about the film is the editing on how the suspense comes out and the little horror added but there were some scenes where it was very dark and there was minor lighting i was not enjoy that so much.

In all The First Purge is a Must Watch Film.

Final Score


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