Ant-Man & The Wasp Movie Review

The Plot

As Scott Lang balances being both a Super Hero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past.


The Good

  • A fresh take on the Marvel franchise.
  • Had a lot of fun and laughs in the movie
  • Great Action sequences and CGI effects
  • Casting was Amazing


The Bad

  • Some jokes were out of place
  • The antagonists back story felt a little vague
  • Some CGI was a little too much


Final Verdict

Ant Man & The Wasp was a nice fresh take on the MCU it was funny and one laughs from the start to finish is one of the little Marvel movies that can mix Humor with a serious situation. The plot of the film was a lot of fun plus how they connected the film to Avengers Infinity War.

But even thou all sounds like fun there is a minor thing in the film that is a little vague and that is the Antagonist in the film there was little information of her in the film we only got like the why she is pursuing Dr. Hank Pym and his research there is an idea but is a little kinds off.

But in all she was one of little picks of great antagonist in the MCU. This antagonist was great in all the ways you can imagine. One of my favorite things in the Ant Man is the cast love how they cast this sequel with new characters and there choices specially Michael Peña love his character in this film. 

In all the fun you can have with this film and laughter plus the fact that is a fresh MCU film. Ant Man & The Wasp is a hella fun ride in the theaters. The question is what is the Marvel cooking for us in the Next Infinity War. Because that Ending is one that we have to analyze a lot.

Final Score


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