Man Of Steel “Late Movie Review”


This film was a new take and a different look at an iconic superhero Superman. It’s an origin story on how our favorite Clark Kent made it to earth and how he adapted to the human race being an alien in earth. Directed by Zack Snyder this story is phenomenal in all way possible.

Man Of Steel shows us that even a god like superhero is vunerable to human feelings plus the fact that he was raised by humans and not only that he had to hide his true self. Plot wise the film is very strong from the start to finish I personally think that having this Superman in the DCEU is magnificant. Zack showed us a Superman with a different touch.

I love the cast of the film specially Henry Cavil as Superman plus Amy Adams as Lois Lane. They have a great chemistry on camera plus in all the scene where they are together. All other actors in the film were great and amazing really love how all the cast worked out in this film.

Many people didn’t like the fact that Superman had to kill Zodd at the end of the movie. But if we think about it we see that Superman has Human like feelings and he didn’t see a way to stop Zodd. When we read story’s in the DC Comics somewhat we see that there is a lot of Superman story’s and they are all a little different with each other and I personally love how Zack made this Superman.

Why? I say that with how the DCEU is turning out this Superman when he comes back to the screen we will see why Zack made his Superman how it is. I say that maybe people disagree with me just because they don’t like the tone of the film and how he supposley makes movies but i say otherwise he is a Great Director and he has the talent to bring up characters in his movies.

In all Man Of Steel is a great origin story it was fun too watch love the camera shots and how the story goes for our Superman and really hope that Zack comes back with a bang in Justice League.

Final Score

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