It Follows “Late Movie Review”


This film is a great watch in the Horror genre. I personally had a lot of jump scares with this film but it was more the music than the actual movie so don’t expect that much out of the creature or entity in the film because there is like only one moment where the entity goes like full on scare you.

The cast in the film only some cast members I can say that they sold me what was happening in the story but some there performance needed a little more to set up this plot to sell me that they were scared. The main actress Maika Monroe did a great job in her role she is an actress that I say they should watch her. 

This Film has a great idea for the plot and the story like i know that the whole entity will follow you until you pass on to someone via having intercourse that is a great plot idea. But there is something that this film lacked is the origin of this entity and not only that I personally would have loved to see like what type of entity was it.

What I mean is that in many Horror films we see the group of friends trying to find out what this entity or monster is. I would say that is what the film was missing but in all the film was a lot of fun too watch because it was something different in the Horror genre.

The film i would recommend it to have a great scare but in all the film would have been better if there weren’t many plot holes in the film. The film has a great potential and some cast members are worth the wait to see them in other films.

I Rate IT Follows with a 6.5/10

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