Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Review 

What a ride was this new season. I didn’t expect to have so much fun plus be so emotional in this season and i must say that i want more of Orange Is The New Black. 

This season we see more back story of some of the characters in the show and i think that it was great an awesome to see some stories of these girls to know the why they are like that. 

But I say that is great to see where each and one of them come from. Me personally i connected to some of them there stories are based on things that actally happen in our daily life. 

Plus we see in this season a lot of unity in our favorite characters and a lot of moments that you stay in shock because you can’t believe what just happen. 

There were moments where i say that there was a little bit off in the story but it was still there inside of the situation. OITNB this season was amazing i recommend it but i will say that the ending will want you to see more. 

I Rate This Season with a strong 9/10. 


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