The Mummy “Movie Review”

The Mummy the film that will start the Dark Universe. Well lets start by that the film was good not that great it started with a great start explaining the origin on how the curse of the mummy comes to be plus they add that the crusade was involve on such thing when the curse was locked in.

The cast was great specially Tom Cruise but the lack of the plot came to be and how things turned out were a little too bland, Like when they present Tom’s character I was expecting something like he being Van Hellsing or turns into an important part of the Dark Universe but that didn’t happen.

Plus even thou the performance of Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet her character was like just there even thou her part was big in the film i think that it was the least that they cared for. Plus if this film is part of the Dark Universe why was there Humor in it I wanted a Horror/Thriller film to start this Universe but well we don’t get what we want.

Even thou there was many things in the Film that were bad but I still had a lot of fun with it specially the part where they tie in the past Mummy films where “Spoiler Alert” we see the Book of Life from the first Mummy film. Another thing that I really would have love to see was the complete form of Dr.Hyde we see just a glimps of him but it was Amazing seeing Russell Crowe as Mr.Jekyll.

I personally have a love hate on the end of the film and really wanted something different out of it but i still say that Tom’s character will have a big impact if the rest of the Dark Universe films to well and the good part is that Prodigium is protecting us.

I Rate The Mummy a 6.5/10.


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