Split “Late Movie Review” 


Split is a psychological movie where we see many things that we see in some people. But this film by M. Night Shyamalan a sequel for the passed film unbreakable released on 2000.

This film is a hell of a ride of scares and a psychological facts on how the main character Dennis and his other personalities are in control of three innocent girls keeping them captive for the beast.

This film story wise and in build up is outstanding. I personally love this film how they show us that there is people out there that have multiple personalities. But this film show us that humans have more potential that we think.

I say that James McAvoy deserves an Oscar for his performance it’s not easy to preform around five characters or more in a movie. The rest of the cast was really great specially Anya Taylor.

Plus one of the scenes that caught my attention was when Dennis became the beast. Like how can a human be this strong and powerful. But throughout the film we see how the girls adapt kinda to there situation but you see how smart Dennis is smart and has control of there state of mind.

Yet another scene that caught my attention is at the end when they talk about the past events from Unbreakable and Bruce Willis character is there and mentions Mr.Glass from past events.

I Rate the film Split 9/10.

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