Pirates Of Silicon Valley Late Movie Review 

Pirates Of Silicon Valley was released in 1999. Classic film that shows us how Apple and Microsoft were made from the bottom to the amazing brands they are now.

This film is outstanding still now in 2017. I personally love this film the performance of the cast plus how in depth they go in the story of Apple and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Plus the story of Bill Gates and Microsoft. How these two rival brands made to be the phenomenal brands they are now in technology.

This film shows us how they struggled and made changes in there lives to make there dream come true. How Apple started in a garage and how microsoft was named by and idea written in a tissue paper. How we saw that Apple almost fell by others mistakes and Microsoft buying off some stock like that they could survive.

These stories are always a great to tell adm re tell. I say that the preformance of the cast and how this film was directed was amazing. I really love and got more interested to know more about there story. Pirates Of Silicon Valley is a classic and is a great and amazing film to re watch again and again.

I Rate Pirates Of Silicon Valley a 8/10.

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