Girl Boss Series Review 

The story of the rising star Shopia the creator of This seris was a fun ride and a great story to be told. I say that some of the cast memebers were outstanding in this series. They took this series to another level.

I really love how they showed the struggle that one can have in creating something and making grow and making them happen. We see all of this how a rising star from enay falls down and then opens a new website to be one of the greatest clothing seller websites out there.

Britt Robertson was outstanding on her role of lead in this netflix Series. She was amazing in this series she lived this character. But I personally say that she should be given a chance to be in more bigger lead roles.

I really love this series it was fun and a great ride. There were sad moments and fun moments. There were some things that i would have changed but in all it was a fun ride i know that they could have done better in some cast membees.

I Rate Girl Boss a 7.5/10

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