COLOSSAL [Movie Review]

A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she’s suffering.

What an outstanding film it was a great ride. I really love how this story was told and it has a little bit of everything. We have a little adult humor and some funny stuff here and there but the best part is the mystery of how she found out that she was the monster.

Anne Hathaway did a great job in her character in this story. Plus that twist in the story is that the monster is herself from an incident in the past. This story is about change and how can things and actions in life change your way of thinking. We see Anne her character has a drinking problem and blames herself for all the things that have happened to her.

I can say that this film should have gotten a chance because this story was amazing and entertaining. The fact that the monsters are human and the origin story in the mix of the movie know that these things are terrorizing the city. One thing that I really love was the originality of the monster, The robot, in other words, well it looked different but it’s kinda the same as any generic robot.

I would have loved to see a sequel of this movie like a mix of monsters saving the world. I don’t know but it would be nice to see a sequel for this film.

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