Your Lie In April Late Movie Review


Your Lie In April is an live action adaptation of an anime called Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso in Japanese but also called Your Lie In April. This Japanese film is a great adaptation of this anime i feel in love with both the anime and this film it was fun and a great performance of the cast in this film.

This film is a great adaptation of what happen in the anime the same way I cried in this film i cried in the anime. “It Was One Lie” I really loved how they shot this film it has some very nice camera shots and some nice locations in the film to. I really love the cast Suzu Hirose (Kaori) and Kento Yamazaki (Kosei) they made these characters come to life in an outstanding way they caught my attention from the start to the finish of the movie.

It has all the elements that the anime has a great story to tell and a sad ending with it. I really love that all the cast memeber look like that actual characters from the anime i really love that. Love the Score of the film is excatly like in the anime.

What else can i say it was a great film for me too watch i know not many Japanese films are reviewed but this film was meant to be reviewed. I had fun and was entertained with this live action anime adaptation.

I Rate Your Lie In April a 8.5/10

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