Blade Runner Late Movie Review


Blade Runner was released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott. This film well i was in question if i got to see this but then when i watched it. It refreshed my mind on how this movie was. I personally love the visuals of this film but there is a lot of plot holes and questions that this film keeps me asking like what is a Blade Runner.

We see Harrison Ford as the main character in this film some people know him as a Blade Runner but they never explain what is this job class of a Blade Runner they do explain what they do in there job description. They contract them to find replicants. But the question is still there how do you become a Blade Runner.

There are many plot holes in this film like we see that there are like around four antagonist but only one is the main villain in this film but here we go again and see that there is no explanation on how is he the antagonist. Plus the action scene was not that great is was like very slow paced and not much going on.

Blade Runner was a great visual film and had a great cast but i still say that there is too many things that doesn’t make this film whole i can compare it with the latest film Ghost In The Shell. I say that if there was a little more origin in what a Blade Runner is and in the character development I think this film would have been a great film. Let’s see if the new Blade Runner film that is coming out on October 6, 2017 explains more than this one.

I Rate Blade Runner with a 5/10.

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