Alien Covenant “Movie Review”

Ridley Scott did it Again. Alien Covenant a great movie and fun to watch. I was really into the whole sequel of Prometheus. This film was a great watch had fun having a look on what happen next with the prometheus group.

But there were somethings that I didn’t like of the film, like thw whole that xenomorphs came out of an experiment and a pathogen. That is something that i didn’t like at all.

But this does not mean that this film is bad or you shouldn’t watch it. This film has a great plot and storyline but just the fact that in the original Alien film the prometheus was a ship that was there for a fairly amount of years.

Well all the whole pathogen idea ruins the countinuity of the original films. But still Alien Covenant an outstanding film and fun too watch. Specially a scene that i love in the end woth the xenomorph. I say is a must watch.

I Rate Alien Covenant 6.5/10

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