Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough Review


This film documentary was outstanding! I had my laughs and my tears it was Brave Enough to see Lindsey Stirling open up so much in this film. Love the camera shots of all the concerts shown plus how they show us the behind the scene on how a tour works.

This film touched my heart it brings out a strong message to her fans and her family and friends i really felt that she was showing everyone that life is not easy but we get up and keep fighting and never give up even thou the day turns to darkness there is a light to shine in our day.

I was very emotional when she mentions her about all she has been threw in only one year. In this film she shows us how she fight threw it and learns how to keep being positive in her life that even thou things are not going as we want we keep a chin up.

This film is dedicated to her dad and her friend threw out the film there is an homage to both her friend and her dad. Those moments is where I was very sad and cried because i know it’s not easy to lose someone that you love and care.

In all this Film was very inspiring and it brings a Strong Message to everyone to not give up on yourself. I personally say that i love this Film and the message i will keep it in my heart i really enjoy the Music and Lindsey’s Story. I will take this film to my heart and live on to her inspiration.

I Rate Lindsey Stirling’s: Brave Enough a 10/10

You can watch Lindsey Stirling: Brave Enough at Youtube RED.

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