We Are Your Friends Movie Review


Well one type of move that i love is where music is included on the plot. We are your friends is a great movie to watch specially where you can see how some kids get to see how the world works and see that dreaming and working for your dreams is not easy.

Out of all this film has a lot of cliche plot points in the film like the typical romance and the we are going to conquer the world as a team. But taking all off that out of the way this film is fun to watch plus looking that Zac Efron did an amazing job with his character.

Really love how the plot changes when everything is figured out by one of the characters that is another cliche plot point of movies but seeing how the maion characters life changes in minor of seconds is amazing. There is a sad part of the film that i didn’t expect is the death of one of the support characters of this film but in all the film is fun and good to watch.

In all this film was a joy ride of fun seeing different types of music and seeing how DJ’s work with the BPM and how hard is to notice in one’s self that you should follow your dreams always no matter what are the obstacles. I truly recommend this film if you wanna have a fun time.

Really the only thing that this film needs was a better way to make the cliche plot points to be a little better and not be so noticeable and i would have open up with more DJ’s to appear in the film to give it more taste music wise. But out of all I love this film.

I Rate This Film a 7/10.

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