Ghost In The Shell Movie Review


Ghost in the shell one of 2017 movies that everyone that knows the source material were hype for this film but many came out very sad and terrified on how this film came out and how this film came out. Some fans said that there was white washing and that Scarlet does not look like Mayor. Many controversy’s came out thanks to this film.

But removing everything that happen to this film all i go to say is that this film i love it from the start to finish and I personally watched this film two times to be exact. There were a lot of things that got me a little mad in terms on how the director took these characters and murdered them.

What can i say i know that Mayor is an android and many of the characters are mechanically enhance but that does not make them emotionless. That was one of the thing that got me mad and made the movie so disliked because how can you say in a film that Mayor is the first android that have feelings and not let her show her feelings good question?

Out off all i had a great experience with this film specially that it was a new ride in The Mayor’s life and background story. It was a new touch for the Ghost In the Shell franchise it has Outstanding visuals one of the things that go me hooked in the movie specially the hidden marketing points.

What can i say this film was outstanding and a joyride. Visually amazing, story wise great touch for he new start of The Mayor and cast was well chosen. Only negative is that the film is monotone thanks to the director but in all a great film to watch.

I Rate Ghost In The Shell 9/10.

Here is the Visual Review Of Ghost In The shell. Review Starts at 14:45 



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