Passengers Movie Review


Passenger what an interesting film a new take on how to get lost in space. Where you see two passengers stranded on a voyage to a new planet like that the human race can have a fresh start in a new planet. Threw out the voyage they accidentally woke up to early and having minor problems with the ship.

What can we say about this film Passengers was an outstanding joy ride. I had a lot of fun watching this movie it as a new take on like lost in space but with a twist we had a love story inside this crazy sci-fi. This new story that we had last year was a new twist with the situation that affected both passengers in this film.

The effects in this film are amazing specially in one scene where Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence found like this hall where you can sit and see the stars and the universe and see how beautiful is space. Another scene where you can see the effects looking amazing is when the ship’s core is burning up and they are trying to cool it down.

My last verdict is that this film is fun too watch. Plus you get a touching love story out of all the fun i really loved the film is a must watch film.

I will Rate Passengers with a 8/10.

If You wanna see the Visual Movie Review Here is The Video Below

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