IBoy Movie Review


Iboy an outstanding film at Netflix with a great story and a fun ride all over the movie. We see a kid trying to save his friend by being killed but in the end game he gets shot and his cellphone blown off by the shot and pieces got in his brain but he survive the blast. Little did Bill know that his mind can control anything that is connected to the internet.

This film is outstanding and I can say that these original films at Netflix are amazing and stories to be tell. Iboy with a great cast and an outstanding story looking a lot like the Watch Dogs game with Aiden Pierce when you see our main character in this film trying to make a change and make a better place for his friend and family.

Special effects in this film were great fun to watch and see due that in a couple of scene’s the CGI was not that great but the rest of the CGI was great the effects of how he texted with everyone and the way he controls the technology. It’s like looking at a video game come to life.

I recommend this film to everyone plus fans of technology and hacking. I got a hell of the ride in watching this film even when you have great talent behind the cast and the story. A must watch film Iboy is like looking at Aiden Pierce  in the big screen.

I Rate IBoy 9/10

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