Live By Night [Movie Review]

A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered on a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

This film has a great story line and a simple drama plus with a great cast starting with Ben Affleck, Zoe Saldana, Chris Cooper, Clark Gregg. Sadly most of these cast members don’t have that much screen time in the film but are key characters of the films story.

Things that i love of this film and admire is the story and the directing of this film. Ben Affleck being the main character Joe Coughling an outlaw that won’t accept to be a gangster but turns out to be a successful one in the alcohol trafficking business.

Live by night’s drama is great showing us the struggle of the year 1926′ plus how gangs work and alcohol trafficking worked. Being in the time where the prohibition law was active and made gang bosses make the trafficking business kick in more in that era. Live by night a great film that deserved more this film is entertaining from the start to the end. the drama of the film and the action top notch.

Ben Affleck’s character was brought in this film amazingly being the gangster that wanted to get revenge and make a change in his life plus trying to not kill people but keeping the title of gangster, his companion Chris Messina as his friend and partner what a great add on to the movie to Ben’s character.

Not the only great performance that joined in this film to add in this drama. let’s talk about the sheriff that was played by Chris Cooper from the Agents Of Shield being one of the key parts to Joe Coughlin and we can’t forget the gorgeous wife played by Zoe Saldana. This film has all the elements that one expects with a great story to tell and great camera shots. I say that Ben Affleck’s skills of being the main lead and directing the film are a great duo.

There was somethings that i wish could have been better. Like Joe’s past including the part that he was part when Joe’s talks about he being in the army. Not only that i wished more gang action scene not all those simple gang killing scene, would have loved more gang related scene to give it a little more spice to the film. One other thing i would have love to see in the film at least a little more to what happen to the daughter of Chief Figgis because the mention a tragic event that happens to Loretta Figgis in the film but you only get a little brief story not many information on what happen to her truly.

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